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I-CAT Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging Arrangement is actual able for digital dental x ray
 developing 3-D imaging for a bigger analysis and analysis planning. I-CAT can be advised as an another of backdated CT imaging. I-CAT is able to advance top superior 3-D images that advice us to amusement abounding austere dental problems added accurately than we couldn’t do before.

What is it?

This new high-end technology is a abundant accession to the acreage of dentistry. Currently this technology is acclimated for Third Molar Extractions, Implant Planning, Impactions, Supernumeraries, TM Joints, Airway Assessments, Cephalometrics and Panoramics.

Ears, throat and Nose specialists are aswell application this new technology of developing 3-D images for a bigger accurateness of diagnosis. Where Pathology is useless, the I-CAT can be an able apparatus to advance for a bigger planning and bringing bigger after-effects during orthodontic treatment. There is no ancillary aftereffect of this technology as this exposes actual low radiation. This is aswell actual able for ambidextrous with austere close and arch errors.


This is absolutely an amazing arrangement that helps the dentists to analyze added accurately and accord the patients a bigger treatment. Dentists await on the after-effects of I-CAT browse for their able analysis options and accuracy.